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Fear not the spooky haunted Witch House!

What lies ahead is an adventure for you and your friends...


Group up and work together with your friends to escape The Witch House!

This is a Co-op Multiplayer game! Once you all download the game separately,  share the name of your room with your friends to play together! 

Use arrow keys to move and to crouch, SPACE to Hide (only in the right spots!). And don't forget headphones for a better experience!


This game was created in two days during the Christmas holidays . Enjoy!

A game by:


PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
Authorsfranco, atomtwist, messier
Made withUnity
TagsCo-op, hard, haunted, Horror, Multiplayer, online, Pixel Art, Short, Spooky
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


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TheWitchHouse_WIN_x68.zip 26 MB

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Sadly couldn't connect to play the game.


how do i connect

I'm having trouble connecting :(

Looks fun though!

Not sure if servers are still up for this game but I couldn't connect with a friend who was on a mac, I was using windows. 


looks fun but I was unable to connect :(


oi, eu ja coloquei meu comentario aqui antes mas eu não tinha terminado ainda então aqui está todo o jogo, caso queiram ver.


Loved the artstyle, hated the cage, but it was really fun <3


Despite being created in two days the game was pretty fun

It's kinda frustrating when your boyfriend has to rush while you're in the back trying to predict when the witch is getting triggered again. 

BUT! It's still fun. It might be more rewarding if there was an actual ending like walking on a pressure plate that traps the witch in that same cage you have to start all over again. It is also problematic that you can't open the cage at the beginning from the inside because otherwise your friends have to go the whole way back just to open it.

Keep up the great work! ◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜


Yes! Keep it up!

ps. I didn't rush anything stoopid!!


Great styling and solid mechanics.. except for the cage.. F**K that cage XD.


So I can open the game and play it, but how can I join another game? There is no where that I see that allows you to enter a another persons room name, only one to create my own. Am I missing something

it would be nice if i could play with someone


I'm not good at these types of games but the art style was cute and I liked the premise :)

It has some bugs that are really anoying, but it's coll! GG

I played this game with my friend! it was great! not too hard but not too easy either!

See my playthrough here!

woah so scary i aint gettin the game

A great game to get stressed out with your friend. Here is the first part of my video I hope you like it.

We can make even the simplest games hilarious.

A very simplistic, interesting, and at times frustrating game. so a few months ago me and my friend decided to make videos on it and had a lot of laughs playing it. 8/10 game for me.....and I gave the skeleton in the cave a one off joke name XD 

"It was a funny game but its a bit repititive at some point"



Hi! I played this game a few weeks ago! I just wanna say I love this  game. It's pretty fun to play. I played this with a good friend of mine while listening to her. Quick question! Is there a mobile version in the works? I'd love to play with my friends who don't have laptops

como eu baixo?

hey quick question, how do i use the servers? just found this game today and I'm kind of a dummy with this stuff lol


just put a unique word or code that you can share with your friend or gaming partner, you two should enter the same server and you two will be able to play.


i love balls!



wow bals <3


it's *balz !! BAD SPELER !!

> :(

i love rthis game


omg me 2balls


I love this game! I played this while comforting someone and it helped so much! Thank you devs!

Hello again, can anyone play with me? My not a single friend knows what even itch.io is.

Hello!, Is this available for ios?


Nice game. I had a great time with my friend. May I ask how did you connect the players with the same room code?


I think we should create a discord server or something


Anyone wants to play?

I'm up for it.


Four months ago I wrote about a problem that has not been corrected.  I can't play when I press the code and "Connect" nothing happens .  trying on Mac

(2 edits) (+1)

im clicking the connect button and it wont work

i loved this game, it's so much fun to play but only missing thing is check point. 

Cute game! I had fun playing this with my friend, I just wish there were checkpoints :)


This game wont work for me. I can start it up with no issues but when I click connect nothing happens.


My friend on Windows 10 is having the same problem, though I play on a Mac and I'm perfectly fine.

I wish you put a checkpoint
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